Dr Nicholas Reading

Consultant Radiologist

Nick Reading has been a Consultant Radiologist at Whipps Cross University Hospital for 33 years.  He did his radiological training at King’s College Hospital, Camberwell in the days when there was no CT scanner on site and certainly no MRI.  As a senior registrar he performed examinations such as translumbar aortograms, cerebral angiograms via direct carotid puncture and even an air encephalogram.  Taking up the post of consultant radiologist at Whipps Cross he was expected to be able to turn his hand to virtually every type of examination (myelograms, angiograms, embolisation procedures etc.) and every radiological subspecialty (e.g. paediatrics, urology, neurology, intervention, ENT etc.).  Now he finds himself clinging on to fewer and fewer subspecialty interests hoping he will know when to retire before he finally conks out.