Essential Ophthalmology course for GP’s – 25 June 2021 *Virtual Course*

25 June 2021
Course description

This half day interactive Consultant led ophthalmic virtual teaching course is for both qualified and trainee North East London GP candidates.

The safe recognition and management of common ophthalmology conditions, presenting to primary care and the pathways for management and referral to secondary care will be the focus of the teaching. The candidates will have dedicated small group teaching that will rotate around six stations. Each station will focus on common and important ophthalmological presentations or skills (fundoscopy and measurement of visual acuity) that GP’s need to be able to master.

Topics to be covered:

  • Video and small group advice on how to use the Direct Ophthalmoscope (Fundoscopy)
  • Red Eye Management Pathways
  • Case-based discussions of Common Eye Emergencies presenting to GPs
  • How to maximise Snellen Vision (including ‘pin-hole occluder’ demonstration)
  • Understanding Eye Drops – including dry eye and glaucoma
    Paediatric ophthalmic emergencies
  • When and Where to Refer Patients with Eye Problems

Aims: To educate GP’s (qualified or trainee) about safe management of common ophthalmic conditions, to identify sight threatening pathologies and to gain clarity of when and how to refer the patient to secondary care.

Learning Objectives: You will be shown how to use the direct ophthalmoscope and you will be given tips on how to use this skill in your working lives as a GP, to gain an understanding of red eye management pathways, to manage common eye emergencies presenting to GP with case-based discussions, to learn how to measure and maximise Snellen Vision (including ‘pin-hole occluder’ demonstration), to gain knowledge on eye drops commonly prescribed to patients by secondary care – including dry eye and glaucoma, to learn how to manage common paediatric ophthalmic conditions including paediatric emergencies.

On the back of a successful course two years ago and responding to the feedback we are proud to present this interactive course with plenty of opportunity for asking questions and small group discussion. This year we will be running a virtual format in small groups of 6 doctors and ophthalmology specialists to take you through common management scenarios. We will show you how to use the direct ophthalmoscope and give you advice on how to do this in the GP clinic.



Friday 25 June 2021
13:30 to 17:00